May 2022 – Evict with Care – Private Residential Tenancies

  The case of Rafique v Morgan, decided in March this year by the Upper Tribunal for Scotland (“the Upper Tribunal”), reinforces the fact that care is needed when a landlord wants to get back a residential property which has been … More

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Huge drop in Scottish Cases for Debt and Eviction since 2008

David Leask Chief Reporter for The Herald stated in a recent article that “The number of cases for debt recovery, eviction and repossession have plummeted in Scotland’s courts since the financial crash” The Scottish Government’s chief statistician advised that there … More

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April 2016 – Private Residential Tenancies – Part 1

The Private Housing (Tenancies)(Scotland) Act 2016 (“the 2016 Act”) received Royal Assent this month. Not much of it is yet in force. But it makes sweeping changes to the law concerning private residential tenancies in Scotland. So this Note outlines … More

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August 2012 – Costs Of Evictions By Landlords

Usually residential tenancies work well. But sometimes they don’t. When they don’t the landlord may end up seeking to remove (in this Note “evict”) the tenant from the property. That involves a number of hoops which must be jumped through; … More

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