Is it possible that the menopause could become a new protected characteristic?

On the 21 May 2019 a debate was held in the Scottish Parliament on It’s Time to End the Stigma of the Menopause. The outcome of the debate, that lasted over one and a half hours, was that Parliament acknowledged … More

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Please Mind the Gap

The first round of gender pay gap reporting was certainly big news in 2018. Last year in line with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, over 10,500 companies reported their gender pay gap figures. By the … More

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Gender Pay Gap

When you “make a bold statement”, you express an opinion in a brave way or it might be “bold” because the opinion is uncommon or controversial. In the wake of International Women’s Day I am going to be bold. There exists … More

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Should Women be Made to Wear High Heels at Work?

Dress codes are often used in the workplace and there are many reasons why an employer may have such a code.  For example in some firms employees may be required to adhere to some form of corporate wear to communicate … More

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