May 2019 – Standard Missives or “Language is difficult to put into words”

A purchase and sale of a flat or house requires a written contract. Such contracts will usually have an extensive array of clauses but many of these are common to virtually all such sales and purchases.  So, the solicitor profession … More

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In Scotland, where divorce proceedings are commenced, the court will generally not take into account the conduct of one spouse when dividing up the matrimonial property between the parties. However, there is an exception to this established rule where one … More

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January 2019 – A High Hedge is a High Hedge is a High Hedge”

The High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 (“the Act”) came into effect in April 2014. It gave local authorities the power to act as adjudicators in disputes between neighbours about high hedges. Before the Act there was no legislative scheme to … More

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Good Divorce Week

An organisation in England & Wales called Resolution began running a campaign on 26 November 2018 called Good Divorce Week renewing calls for changes in the law  to help reduce the impact of divorce on children.  The aim is to … More

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