October 2021 – Assisted Dying Bill & Advanced Directives Compared

Last month a proposal for a Member’s Bill to allow adults who are terminally ill to be provided with assistance to end their life was lodged with the Scottish Parliament. There is as yet no actual draft Bill setting out … More

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Advance Directives and Dying Matters

I recently had a discussion with a client and the subject of advance directives (sometimes known as  living wills) arose. It is a sad matter to talk about, but the fact is, in life some people do become incapacitated either … More

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January 2012 – ‘Living Wills’ or ‘Advance Directives’

The term ‘living will’ generally means a formal written statement by a person setting out what medical treatments they do not want if, in the future, they lose capacity to communicate their wishes because of e.g. mental incapacity, a stroke, … More

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