Can Someone With Dementia Make a Will?

It was World Alzheimer’s Day on the 21 September 2019 offering an opportunity for organisations and individuals to raise awareness of the disease and to do all that we can to support those living with the illness. The generic term … More

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You would hope that your next of kin, your nearest and dearest, would be able to help manage your affairs if you were in an accident or diagnosed with a brain disease and you could no longer make decisions for … More

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Dementia – More Help Is Now Available

Dementia is relevant to Mitchells Roberton for a number of reasons. Our firm does a lot of work with adults with incapacity. Most of us are all living longer and more and more of us are going to have at … More

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March 2014 – Care Home prisoners?

When adults with incapacity (e.g. dementia) are looked after in a Care Home their freedoms may be curtailed. Under the European Convention on Human Rights everyone has the right to “liberty and security”. So, a specific question arises as to … More

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