Commercial Law Group

Our newest partner, Ken Gerber, is the Scottish member of Commercial Law Group (CLG), which was founded in 1996. The Group has members in most European countries, as well as in Illinois, Ohio and Texas in USA, and member firms in South Africa, Israel, Mexico, and Malaysia.

CLG is a fantastic resource that is available for clients who are buying property or who transact outwith Scotland. CLG is an international law group with a difference – its members meet every six months, and know each other well, and have a great working relationship based on trust, experience, and friendship. The Group’s members promise to deliver reliable, skilled, and commercially focused legal advice to help clients achieve their goals. The member firms work together, or where appropriate, on their own, to offer a reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced service for cross border and inter-continental legal services.

For more information, please contact Ken Gerber at or visit CLG’s website at

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