Is Voluntary Registration Still a Good Idea?

Author: Mitchells Roberton
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I have written before about Voluntary Registration of title. The Registers of Scotland has been tasked with completing the Land Register by 2024. However, this is an unrealistic deadline, despite Keeper Induced Registration and the active encouragement of Voluntary Registration.

That said, even with the completion date no longer imminent I think it is still a good idea to have the title to your property voluntarily registered. I know this may seem like a hassle, time consuming and expensive but there are real advantages. I can list at least six obvious benefits.

  • The extent of your ownership will be clear. A title plan will be contained in your Land Certificate based on the modern ordnance survey map showing definitive boundaries and identifiable features.
  • The title to your property will no longer consist of numerous old title deeds but be contained within one document which will provide all the information required regarding your property.
  • There may be boundary issues between neighbours and being first on the register may put you in a stronger position. Also if there are any title issues then these can be resolved within a more comfortable timeframe than having to rectify matters within the time constraints of a sale transaction.
  • The property will be covered by a state backed guarantee.
  • If your title remains unregistered there is a chance that the Keeper may take action and compulsorily register the title known as Keeper Induced Registration which may result in details being missed.
  • The number of title enquiries will decrease.

If I can help you in any way regarding Voluntary Registration please contact me Keri Burns on 0141 552 3422 or by email I can assist you in making the application for voluntary registration of your property providing guidance at all stages.

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