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In 2018 it was a delight for the firm to welcome 6 babies, ALL BOYS, born to some of our partners and staff members. We now have a five-a-side football team in the making and have had hours of fun meeting these little ones, amidst much oohing and aahing.

But my advice to parents or parents-to-be is that the patter of tiny feet should trigger some very simple legal planning with which Mitchells Roberton can help.

Firstly, if you are in paid employment you will want to know your rights in terms of time off for antenatal care, parental leave, employment terms and flexible working hours. If you need any advice on this please contact Hugh Grant on 0141 552 3422 or by email hjg@mitchells-roberton.co.uk

An addition to the family may mean that you need to move to a larger house or indeed buy for the first time together. You may be married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting and need advice regarding a mortgage and whose name a property is to be held in. Here one of our Associates, Alison Gourley can help. She can be contacted on the above telephone number or by email ajg@mitchells-roberton.co.uk

I know it is a difficult thing to think about, but making a Will once you are a parent is an imperative.  You need to make sure that your child(ren) will be looked after if you die. Not only is there financial provision to consider but also guardianship. The choice of a guardian can involve some difficult discussions as you may cause offence to certain family members and it is a hard thing to ask of friends, but it is an issue that needs to be confronted. Heather Warnock another of our Associates would be well able to advise you here. She can be contacted on the same number or by email heather@mitchells-roberton.co.uk . If your child(ren) are lucky enough for a generous relative to gift them a nest egg then Heather can also advise regarding trusts to ensure the gift is protected for the future.

Always take professional advice. It really could make a positive difference to your family life.

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