Dementia Awareness Week

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Dementia Awareness week took place between the 3 and 9 June 2019. Throughout this time people came together to show their support for people living with dementia. Alzheimer Scotland said that they use the week as an opportunity to raise awareness  of current research, the availability of local care and support and to break down the stigma of a dementia diagnosis. Throughout Scotland during this awareness week there were coffee mornings held, information released, videos shared of the EveryVoice Choir, a dementia friendly singing group who also performed at Haymarket Train Station in Edinburgh.

There have been great advances in research, where we are learning more than ever about not only dementia as an illness but how to care and support someone with dementia allowing them to retain their quality of life as much as possible. Research is also being carried out to look at what can be done to help prevent dementia in the future. Dementia research is crucial and relies heavily on volunteers who do not have dementia, as well as those who do.

Alzheimer Scotland provide a wide range of dementia- specific support in local communities across Scotland.  If you need help the charity is there for you. They have a website . They also have a helpline that you can either email or call. The email address is The telephone number is 0808 808 3000.They have a team of expert call handlers who are available free of charge , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nobody should be facing dementia alone.  Here at Mitchells Roberton we have a team who work solely on the administration of financial guardianships so we are well aware of the difficulties of dementia for those who suffer from it and their families.

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