April 2020 – Making a Will in Lockdown

Traditional will-making The traditional notion of making a will usually involves: a meeting at a solicitor’s office to discuss the terms of the will and give instructions; the solicitor  then sending out a draft of the will for review; and … More

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Estate Planning and Burns

Burns night has just passed and I am sure lots of haggis, neeps and tatties have been devoured and many a poem recited and songs enjoyed. Robert Burns was born on the 25th January 1759 and died on 21 July … More

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Are you Divorced and Now in a New Relationship ?

Recent research has been carried out by Direct Life Line Insurance which revealed that 60% of divorced adults in the UK, who are now in a new relationship, have failed to update any of their personal finances since their previous … More

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Cheers to Norwich City Football Club

I don’t know how many times and how many ways to say it, but the importance of having a Will cannot be overstated. To put it in a simple context, please read this true and heartwarming little anecdote. A gentleman … More

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Storing Your Will Where Others Can Find It

We are always advising our clients of the necessity of making a Will and having a Power of Attorney but recent information published by the  Financial Times has highlighted that it is also very important that your family knows where … More

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August 2019 – Grim – but not a fairy tale – Wills and children from previous relationships

Stating the obvious At the risk of stating the obvious, in order to inherit from someone you need to survive them. You don’t need to survive them for long: the merest instant will be enough (unless the will makes survival … More

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The High Court Has To Decide the Order Of Death Of Elderly Couple

In October 2016, an elderly couple both died in their own home having suffered from hypothermia. Their bodies were not discovered until a week later, after neighbours called the police. The couple, John and Ann Scarle, both had children from … More

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Estate Planning with Foreign Assets

Owning a home in another country is not uncommon. It is a great way of getting to know another country, perhaps learn another language and is somewhere to go when you need time to relax. However, not all owners of … More

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Pitter Patter

In 2018 it was a delight for the firm to welcome 6 babies, ALL BOYS, born to some of our partners and staff members. We now have a five-a-side football team in the making and have had hours of fun … More

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Consultation on Fairer Succession Law Opens

On the 17 February 2019 the Scottish Government launched a public consultation to ascertain how the law of succession could better reflect 21st Century Scotland. The public’s view on the following main two points is being sought: How an intestate … More

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