June 2017 – Rectifying A Wayward Will

Rectifying contracts and other deeds Since 1985 there have been statutory provisions in place so that where: a contractual document fails to express accurately the common intention of the parties when the agreement was made; or a document intended, for … More

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September 2015 – “The battle of the executors”

Introduction  When someone makes a will they usually include in it the appointment of “executors”: that is the people they want to be in control of the administration of their estates and responsible for distributing the property to their chosen … More

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May 2015 – Property Abroad & Death Regulation (EU) No 650/2012 “BRUSSELS IV”

EU Regulations tend to be viewed as adding complexity to our lives rather than the reverse. That view may often be well-founded. But the EU Regulation concerning succession to property on death is welcome.

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December 2014 – Explosive…or Not? The Programme for Government 2014-2015

The First Minister’s first Programme for Government   The First Minister’s announcement of the included, in particular (emphases added): “We also plan to consult in the coming year on further legislation on Succession which will aim to radically overhaul the … More

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