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You would hope that your next of kin, your nearest and dearest, would be able to help manage your affairs if you were in an accident or diagnosed with a brain disease and you could no longer make decisions for … More

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Being an Attorney

We often hear of the importance of having a Power of Attorney in place but not so much about the duties involved in being someone’s Attorney. It may be flattering to think someone trusts you enough to ask you to … More

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Care for the Elderly

People are certainly living longer. The number of people in Scotland, according to the National Records of Scotland in September 2016, living for more than a century has increased over the last ten years. In 2005 there were 900 centenarians … More

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January 2015 – Continuing The Conversation

Many will be aware of the powers of attorney advertising campaign with the catch-phrase “start the conversation”. The campaign encourages people to think about granting “powers of attorney”. This Note first says something about powers of attorney generally. It then … More

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December 2013 – “Start The Conversation” Powers of Attorney Solicitors’ duties

Christmas is hailed as a family time. Advertisers are tuned into this. In its Christmas advertising campaign this year Tesco aimed at portraying the reality of Christmas for families, rather than a “perfect airbrushed one”. It focused on one family, … More

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