November 2017 – “What’s in a name?”

When a child is born its birth must be officially registered within 21 days. Generally, part and parcel of that registration process is recording the child’s name. Anyone whose birth is registered in Scotland may apply for a change of … More

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New Legislation Relating to Car Seats

Confused about car seats?  No wonder, as new legislation is pending and obviously when buying a car seat for your baby or child it’s crucial that you know the current car seat legislation. There are lots of different rules and … More

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A Judge’s strongly worded advice for separated parents

A senior family law judge, Lord Brailsford recently decided a child contact case concerning a nine year old boy, which had been going on for some seven years. The father in this case is from Tunisia, but has lived in … More

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A Move Too Far

When we set out to live “happily ever after” we are certainly not considering that “ever after” might end sooner than expected and that “happily” is only a word and not necessarily an enduring experience. But as life would have … More

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