Securities Services We Provide

Securities covers a wide range of services. Below is a list of services we can provide you and your business.


The Discharge of a Security

Our property team can further assist you when at last you find yourself in the fortunate position of having paid off your mortgage. Discharging a mortgage is a legal process which requires instructing a solicitor to prepare a deed called a Discharge. You do not need to immediately discharge a security when you have redeemed your loan in full but most clients want to clear the title to their home of the security. In order to achieve this we order the title deeds from your lender, prepare the Discharge and send it to the lender to have it signed or sealed.  When we receive the executed deed back from the lender we will send it to be registered in the Land Register of Scotland. The effect of this is that the deed removes the Standard Security over your property and the Land Registers’ records will then show that your property is mortgage free.


Free Storage Service for Title Deeds

Once the Standard Security over your property has been discharged the lender no longer requires to retain your title deeds. Most clients prefer that their title deeds are kept in a safe and secure place and we offer our clients a free storage service. This avoids title deeds being misplaced at home, although if deeds are lost copies may be obtained from the Land Register which are just as effective as the real thing.


Deeds of Variation
We can guide clients through varying the terms of an existing Standard Security. The purpose of any variation is to alter the provisions of a Standard Security but it cannot be used to discharge, assign or restrict a Standard Security or to add land to the security. The normal circumstances when a Deed of Variation may be required is where a couple are getting married and they want the property and the security to be in joint names or when the reverse may happen where a couple split up and the property initially in joint names is being transferred into the name of one party only and the security has to varied accordingly.


House Purchase Deposits
In this difficult financial climate many parents or kind family members are helping the next generation onto the property market by providing a house purchase deposit. If that gift is not a loan then one might want to protect that money. A number of security documents need to be prepared to protect it and we can do that at a relatively low cost. Please just ask for a fee quotation. Our friendly and approachable solicitors are here to help .


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