General Solicitor Support Service

Extent of the General Solicitor Support Service


  • Expert Witness appearances in Court
  • Opinion Work – Formal Opinions for Court cases
  • Opinion Work – Informal Opinions to solicitors and legal bodies.
  • Arbitration and Mediation


Examples of the General Support Service

  • Expert witness in professional negligence cases for both Pursuer and Defender
  • Formal Opinions on
  1. Missives
  2. Title Conditions
  3. Conveyancing Practice and
  4. Forensic reports
  • Informal opinions
  1. Questions on Auction Sale procedures
  2. Unusual title issues
  3. Boundary disputes and ransom strips
  4. Advice on practical steps to limit damage
  • Arbitration
  1. Partnership disputes
  2. Lease interpretation
  3. Property dispute resolution


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