Will Disputes


Family relationships are often complex, and disputes can arise relating to inheritance, capacity and the interpretation of wills and other legal documents. Problems may also stem from a will which has been poorly drafted, when there are already underlying tensions within the family or where there are difficulties in the course of the administration of the estate. Also, if a child, spouse or civil partner is in disagreement with the terms of a will they can contest it. For instance, you cannot necessarily disinherit a child entirely, even if you want to. You can leave your house to whoever you wish but a child has an automatic right by law to a fixed share of any bank accounts, money, shares or the proceeds of an insurance policy for example, (known as moveable property).


We can also provide guidance in co-habitation cases. Since 2006 a co-habitant has been able to make a claim on the death of their partner where that partner did not leave a will. At Mitchells Roberton we have a number of solicitors with years of experience in conducting litigation in the Sheriff Courts and Court of Session who can help you decide on the best course of action to take to resolve a dispute.


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