Professional Negligence Claims

Professional negligence claims are commonplace today. Complaints about service are often accompanied by a threat of litigation. It is understandable that if you are paying weighty fees to an architect, accountant, solicitor, surveyor or other professional you expect to receive a professional service in return. If the service is inadequate the consequences can be substantial. At Mitchells Roberton we can advise you on how to re-cover the cost of mistakes and the realities of the success of raising or defending such a claim.


For the most part professional negligence claims may arise where:

  • A duty of care exists between the professional and the client.
  • There has been a negligent act, being an act that would be deemed unreasonable by reasonable people.
  • There has been a loss as a result of that negligent act.


We have the necessary experience in conducting professional negligence cases both against and on behalf of all types of professionals. Our team of experts includes our Chairman, Donald Reid, who is listed in the Law Society of Scotland’s approved Directory of Expert Witnesses relative to professional negligence claims.


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