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Care for the Elderly

People are certainly living longer. The number of people in Scotland, according to the National Records of Scotland in September 2016, living for more than a century has increased over the last ten years. In 2005 there were 900 centenarians … More

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Milestone Moments for Writing a Will

Throughout most of the world, disposal of an estate has been a matter of social custom. According to Plutarch, one of the best known Greek biographers and essayist, the written will was invented by Solon, an Athenian politician and lawmaker … More

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The First Digital Memorial Garden in Scotland

The first digital-led memorial garden is to open in Saline in Fife after Landsales Direct, a Scottish company won planning permission. The garden will feature small plots of ground in which purchasers can place mementoes of loved ones. However the … More

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Government Urged To Remove VAT On Charitable Wills

Charity Consortium, Remember a Charity, has urged the UK Government to exempt VAT from the cost of writing a Will containing a charitable bequest. The consortium predicts a VAT exemption on charitable wills would double the number of people leaving … More

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New Residence Nil Rate Band

From April 2017 a new IHT- free allowance has being  introduced. It is to be known as the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) and will apply if you leave your residence to your “direct descendants”. The objective of the policy … More

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A German Prisoner of War left £384,000 in his will to the Perthshire village of Comrie

Heinrich Steinmeyer , a member of Hitler’s Waffen SS  was only  19 when he was captured in Normandy shortly after  D-Day, in August 1944. He was classed with a C designation which meant he was considered a hard-line Nazi, completely … More

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Prince wrote thousands of songs but he did not write a Will

Prince was a prolific song writer but it seems the one thing that he didn’t get round to writing was a Will. Court documents filed in Minnesota show the superstar who died untimely at the age of 57 appears to … More

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