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January 2021 – 1st Time Buyer Relief – LBTT

Introduction Land and buildings transaction tax (“LBTT”) is the Scottish version of “stamp duty land tax”. In practice, LBTT is payable mainly in two cases: (1) the purchase of land including in particular residential property, and (2) the grant or … More

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December 2020 – A Wealth Tax? Are you Bovvered?

The Wealth Tax Commission was established in Spring 2020 to consider proposals for a UK wealth tax. It published its final report this month. The prospect of a Wealth Tax could be met with varied responses; for example: “am I … More

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November 2020 – Re-vamping of Business Rates

This month owners and tenants of non-domestic properties should have received a letter from the Scottish Government about changes to the system for non-domestic rates – otherwise known as business rates. This follows on from the passing of the Non-Domestic … More

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August 2020 – Divorce – And what a Difference an “and” Makes

Put broadly, in Scotland, the general aim in relation to financial provision on divorce is that there should be a “clean break” so far as possible. Things are different in England where there is scope for long-term generous maintenance payments … More

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July 2020 – Coronavirus & Lifetime Planning

Introduction One of the effects of Covid-19 is that for some the value of their investments has gone down. Compared with the devastation Covid-19 has wrought for many that concern may not seem significant. One might see it as a … More

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June 2020 – Charity Accounts and Covid-19

The last three BPUs (March, April and May) have all related to Covid-19. This one does not avoid the topic altogether but it is peripheral rather than the main focus. Last month the Scottish Charity Regulator, the Charity Commission for … More

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May 2020 – Coronavirus No 2 Act – a smorgasbord

The BPU for last month here focused on the fact that the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 made no  emergency provisions about the signing of wills during lockdown but explained that the Law Society had stepped in and provided guidance on … More

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April 2020 – Making a Will in Lockdown

Traditional will-making The traditional notion of making a will usually involves: a meeting at a solicitor’s office to discuss the terms of the will and give instructions; the solicitor  then sending out a draft of the will for review; and … More

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March 2020 – Covid-19 & Registering a Death Remotely

Registrars’ offices are currently closed to members of the public owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. But no burial or cremation can go ahead in Scotland without a Certificate of Registration of Death (“Form 14”)  having been issued by the registrar. … More

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February 2020 – CGT – tightening up on homes

The Bullet Point Update (“BPU”) for October 2018 flagged up some forthcoming changes to do with capital gains tax (“CGT”) on a sale of residential property by individuals. Those changes are now almost upon us in that they’ll have effect … More

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