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Work Christmas Party – Avoid the Hangover

After we all spent our Christmas last year in lockdown, confined to our houses and eating Christmas dinner with our families over zoom, the hope of a somewhat normal Christmas this year compared to last should bring some much-needed joy … More

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Can I be Forced to Work on Christmas Day?

With the lead up to Christmas well and truly underway, the majority of people are looking forward to being able to relax and celebrate with their families when the big day comes. However, unfortunately for some, it will not be … More

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Let me Sub-let?

With the upcoming COP26 to be held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November and around 25,000 delegates alone attending, the demand for places to stay during the event has gone through the roof. The  rates for many properties … More

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Low Carbon Standards Coming For New Homes

According to Wikipedia “A low-energy house is characterized by an energy-efficient design and technical features which enable it to provide high living standards and comfort with low energy consumption and carbon emissions.” It is understood that buildings alone account for … More

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Should Help to Buy be Here to Stay?

In 2013 the Scottish Government introduced the Help to Buy Scheme. From its inception until the end of March 2018 the Scheme has assisted in the purchase of 12,800 new build properties, at a cost of around £436 million. The … More

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Estate Planning and Burns

Burns night has just passed and I am sure lots of haggis, neeps and tatties have been devoured and many a poem recited and songs enjoyed. Robert Burns was born on the 25th January 1759 and died on 21 July … More

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Are you Divorced and Now in a New Relationship ?

Recent research has been carried out by Direct Life Line Insurance which revealed that 60% of divorced adults in the UK, who are now in a new relationship, have failed to update any of their personal finances since their previous … More

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Cheers to Norwich City Football Club

I don’t know how many times and how many ways to say it, but the importance of having a Will cannot be overstated. To put it in a simple context, please read this true and heartwarming little anecdote. A gentleman … More

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Loan, Advance, Gift ?

A recent Scottish court decision issued just after Christmas last year has shown that tensions can arise after a death where there is no documentation in place to illuminate the nature of a lifetime payment made by the deceased. Is … More

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Ethical Veganism is now A Recognised Protected Belief

To me, it is hardly surprising that a tribunal has ruled that ethical veganism is a protected belief.  Under the Equalities Act 2010 beliefs are protected if they meet certain criteria; namely the belief must be genuinely held, it must … More

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