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Purchasing Property in Scotland – Step by Step Guide

With the right advice buying a property in Scotland need not be stressful. Our conveyancers can guide you through the process. They know the local property market inside out and will make sure you get the best possible deal on … More

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Dilapidations Case Update: be careful of deals with new tenants

A recent decision in a Court of Session case Gatsby Retail Limited v The Edinburgh Woollen Mill emphasises that landlord’s should be careful that subsequent dealings with new tenants do not prejudice their ability to recover dilapidations from the previous … More

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Some like it hot (or not)

Unfortunately the problem is that different people react differently to heat. We are all used to the frequent workplace disputes around the temperature. There is always someone who is too hot and someone too cold. It is impossible to please everyone, but most employers and employees alike … More

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Succession and your Business

We are perhaps more educated on what would happen to our family if we died, lost capacity, suffered a disability, became involved in a family dispute or ran up much debt. Our knowledge is on a personal law basis but … More

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Why is our Estate Agency Department so Good?

As with all estate agents we will of course , write the sales text, take photos, list your property on the internet, arrange viewings and report to you on offers received but there are plenty estate agents on the high … More

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Should Short Term Lets Be Regulated ?

There is a growing trend for people holidaying in the homes of others. This has provoked much debate. In response, a Short Term Lets Delivery Group was set up to look at the positive and negative impacts of short term … More

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Life Admin

You would hope that your next of kin, your nearest and dearest, would be able to help manage your affairs if you were in an accident or diagnosed with a brain disease and you could no longer make decisions for … More

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The High Court Has To Decide the Order Of Death Of Elderly Couple

In October 2016, an elderly couple both died in their own home having suffered from hypothermia. Their bodies were not discovered until a week later, after neighbours called the police. The couple, John and Ann Scarle, both had children from … More

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Is it possible that the menopause could become a new protected characteristic?

On the 21 May 2019 a debate was held in the Scottish Parliament on It’s Time to End the Stigma of the Menopause. The outcome of the debate, that lasted over one and a half hours, was that Parliament acknowledged … More

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Facing Repossession Action? Be Wary of Companies Offering a Quick Cash Sale Solution

Govan Law Centre recently appealed a decision in the case of Santander v C, emphasising how important it is that homeowners seek legal advice if their mortgage lender raises a court action for repossession. Mr C suffered from poor health … More

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