Legal stereotypes of the past now in the past?

Author: Richard Adams
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Many believe a career in law starts with 18 hour days, strict task masters, and the day to day life mirroring the TV show Suits. I have been working as a trainee for almost 5 months now and it is, unsurprisingly, nothing like the dated stereotype. There is a more relaxed feel to the work place compared to the gritty, relentless label law is branded with.

Maybe the profession once was different for trainees; maybe it still is in other law practices. At Mitchells Roberton though, I have not found the work overbearing. This is likely down to how easy it is to speak to everyone in the office, with everyone always being open to any question. When starting off, you fear that it might be frowned upon to ask too many things; but it is actively encouraged. I feel that this has been a huge part of my enjoyment and from that, my learning in the profession.

Another worry you have coming into the workplace after years at university is the lack of free time. Again, this comes out of what the legal profession is perceived to be; grinding every hour out of every day. I have found this to be entirely untrue, with work not being the be all and end all of a week day. My work day as a trainee finishes around 5, still giving me time in the evening to go out for a run, catch up with friends, or simply spend time at home. You maybe can’t spend the whole day binging an entire TV show; but an evening is still plenty of time to watch at least half!

Adapting from student living’s late rises was much easier than I thought too, especially as the work I have been doing has been equally challenging and enjoyable. Having something you look forward to in the morning makes a huge difference to this. I am currently working in the Conveyancing department and to many, selling houses and all that comes with it doesn’t sound an exciting proposition. However, I have always had an interest in property since studying it at university, so starting in this area has been fascinating, seeing how law works in reality instead of a textbook.

What I have learnt in my first 5 months as a trainee role at Mitchells Roberton is that the legal profession isn’t entirely what it is made out to be. And that’s certainly a positive thing.

About Richard Adams

Richard grew up in a small South Lanarkshire town before moving to Aberdeen to study law. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen in June 2017 and then moved to Glasgow to complete the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice the following year. Richard joined Mitchells Roberton in September 2018, assisting with the many administrative tasks within the firm and also the destruction of legal files. Richard started his traineeship in February 2019, and has begun work in the residential conveyancing department. Out with work, Richard enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports, particularly football, rugby and cricket. He also enjoys travelling, finding many places in Eastern Europe particularly interesting to visit.

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