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Author: Richard Adams
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It is hard to see where the last eight months have gone. It has all been somewhat of a whirlwind; learning new things, adapting to working life and most importantly debating the correct amount of milk to put in a cup of tea. It has been both enjoyable, and tricky at times. Having moved into the Private Client department two months ago, this has only continued.

As I wrote in my first blog, the legal workplace isn’t quite what it has been made out to be in the past. That blog may well have simplified the profession somewhat due to my limited exposure, but it still holds true here at Mitchells Roberton. When not knowing what to expect, it has been incredibly reassuring to have such great support from everyone in the office.

Probably the biggest thing I’ve developed in my first eight months is how to improve my organisational skills. Originally, I thought I could continue in a similar vein as university; this was not the case and I needed to readdress my approach. I couldn’t have done this without the people around me, who gave me needed advice on how to improve, through examples of how they stay on top of things.  This led to me drawing up a daily task list, which has become somewhat mandatory now to keep me right!

Although there have been times where the role can be stressful, like every job, it has been important to not panic. I think as a trainee, when you don’t understand something, this can, at times, seem the default response. However, with everyone’s door always being open to questions, it is reassuring to get clarification easily on any issues I have; big or small. Having this there means the panic button isn’t the go to; instead I know to go to a colleague. Starting off in a new role, there were things I was unsure of every week, so to have this support has been invaluable.

I thoroughly enjoyed residential conveyancing, and it felt as though I was completing a puzzle throughout the seat. Every day, I’d get a new piece and learn how it slotted into the system. I think all these pieces have now created the outline of the conveyancing department, but there is of course still so much to learn. Moving onto private client, it has been a very similar feeling, but it is exciting nonetheless! I think because there is always so much to learn in each department, it can never get boring. Here’s hoping the next eight months are as enjoyable, challenging and educational as the last!

About Richard Adams

Richard grew up in a small South Lanarkshire town before moving to Aberdeen to study law. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen in June 2017 and then moved to Glasgow to complete the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice the following year. Richard joined Mitchells Roberton in September 2018, assisting with the many administrative tasks within the firm and also the destruction of legal files. Richard started his traineeship in February 2019, and has begun work in the residential conveyancing department. Out with work, Richard enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports, particularly football, rugby and cricket. He also enjoys travelling, finding many places in Eastern Europe particularly interesting to visit.

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