Civil Partnerships to Open Up to Heterosexual Couples – Scotland to Follow?

Author: Fiona Wayman
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The Scottish Government has already announced a consultation on the introduction of opposite-sex civil partnerships and I think it would be safe to say that the law in Scotland is likely to go the same way as in England and Wales.

Theresa May announced at the recent Conservative  Party Conference in Birmingham that civil partnerships are to be opened up to heterosexual couples in England and Wales. In June of this year a Supreme Court ruling south of the border held that the law allowing only same-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships was discriminatory since it does not apply to opposite-sex couples as well. Since 2014 same-sex couples have been able to choose whether to get married or enter into a civil partnership.

Theresa May said “This change in the law helps protect the interests of opposite-sex couples who want to commit, want to formalise their relationship but don’t necessarily want to get married. As Home Secretary I was proud to sponsor the legislation that created equal marriage. Now, by extending civil partnerships, we are making sure that all couples, be they same-sex or opposite –sex, are given the same choices in life.”

A civil partnership can be an attractive option to people who feel that religious, historical or ideological connotations of conventional marriage do not fit their views. People in civil partnerships have the same rights as married couples in terms of tax, pensions, benefits and inheritance. They also have the same entitlements and options on divorce or dissolution. Adultery, however, is not a ground for divorce-dissolution in a civil partnership.

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