Elizabeth Baker – Happy Memories

Author: Mitchells Roberton
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On 23 November 2020 our much loved Liz died suddenly. Liz had been with Mitchells Roberton in the 1980s before forging her own career as a sole practitioner and then merging with a larger firm. Some ten years ago she rejoined Mitchells Roberton. Her principal role was to develop the reach and client base of the firm. She did this well and enthusiastically, building strong connections through networking and her natural friendliness. But she contributed far more to the wellbeing of our firm than that. She was, without doubt, the most helpful and supportive colleague anyone could wish for. She freely gave of her wide experience in practice. If a colleague was struggling with a difficult matter Liz would simply take it off their desk, make friends with the client, and pilot the thing to a happy conclusion. As seasoned practising lawyers we understand just what a fantastic kindness that was. Liz started up a book group within the firm. It was a bit sporadic in its meetings but we read several books together and enjoyed our lunchtime get-togethers to chat about them. Liz was also a member of our TV Team which famously challenged the mighty Eggheads only to go down fighting and unbowed. To say we miss our Liz is a huge understatement. Those of our number who were closest to her miss her terribly. We extend our good thoughts as well to Liz’s son and daughter Matthew and Naomi.

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