David Adie Retirement

Author: Mark McGorm
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Mitchells Roberton Limited announce that David Adie retired as a Consultant of the Company on the 2nd March 2018. David was a Partner in the firm of Adie Hunter who merged with us on the 3rd March 2017. In his retirement David is looking forward to travelling the far corners of the world.

Mark McGorm

About Mark McGorm

Mark joined Mitchells Roberton in 2006, a year after having left school. During the time between he self-enhanced his understanding of computer science, gaining an advanced knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Upon joining the firm Mark’s initial role was to perform general office duties and he thereafter became an assistant to the then Partnership Administrator. As time progressed so too did his IT skills leading to his appointment as IT Manager. Mark’s most recent promotion to Partnership Director is extremely well deserved. This position allows for him to take a proactive role in assisting the partners with regards to management of the business aspects of the firm. Mark’s charming manner and excellent teaching abilities make him both friendly and approachable to all with whom he comes into contact. In his spare time Mark is a keen football fan, enjoys both golf and tennis and is also known for his appreciation of car racing. Email: mark@mitchells-roberton.co.uk

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