Our Approach

Our Roots – Established 1740s

We are what we are, because of our roots. We have been in the legal business for a very long time -our history is intertwined with the trading and business life of Glasgow and Scotland. We are, however, in every respect a modern practice. One tradition that has not been dispensed with is the tradition of looking after our clients to the best of our ability. We pick the finest people to work with us, but they must fit with the ethos of approachability and friendliness that is part of the make up of our firm.

Shelter from Life’s Ups & Downs

We aim to deal with our clients’ challenges as we would our own, but with professionalism and care. We realise that through life’s traumas and problems people are often forced to find a lawyer be it due to redundancy, divorce, or a death in the family. We offer skilled and practical advice with sensitivity.

Strength & Knowledge

Our qualified legal staff have many years of experience in their field and various members of the support staff have worked with us for more than a decade. We are a close knit partnership with a loyal workforce and the skills we have are at the very heart of our success.

Trust & Longevity

Not surprisingly, because we have been in practice so long we have built up relationships over generations of clients. They trust us – we are the “family lawyer”. They turn to us when they have a legal problem or need some legal advice even if it is a quick question over the telephone. Our business grows and reaches new clients all the time and these fresh relationships are vital for our future. We nurture confidence in our clients and this is borne out by the many introductions we receive from them to their own friends and business associates.

Continuity & Growth

We are here for our clients in the long term. We believe continuity of service is important to clients. You will be able to talk to the same person throughout your transaction, and as clients return to us, the familiar faces will be here to help again. We closely supervise our junior members of staff and are always on the lookout for talent to cultivate and guide. Many of our paralegals started as junior typists and our Partnership Director was our office junior before we spotted his outstanding talents.

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